Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness

1 to 1 Coaching

Are you going round and round in circles?

Uncover your purpose, rediscover your sense of joy and move forwards with confidence.


“I approached Rebecca at Sense of Direction when I found myself at a crossroads. I was feeling very lost and frustrated. I knew what my issues were; there was stuff I wanted to change but I simply wasn’t making the changes” (Glenda S)

Coaching will help you experience clarity, focus your attention, create time and develop habits to live the lifestyle you desire.


Did you know…?

On average people in the UK rate their life satisfaction as 7.5 out of 10 and only 26% of people rate their life satisfaction as very high (ONS data).

If you’re not one of the 26% yet – don’t’ worry, you could be! (Let’s find out how…)


This is for you if

  • You’re over 18
  • You’re an action taker that’s got caught in the SWAMP (Stuck, Weighed down, Agitated by lack of progress, Missing something in life and Pulled in different directions).


  • You’ve lost your spark, you’re not feeling your best and you are fed up!
  • You know you need to do something different
  • You’re ready to change and willing to take responsibility


Benefits of coaching


It’s great to be able to chat to your best friend or a work colleague about your challenges but often they are biased and don’t have the ability to see the bigger picture or things going on underneath. They know you, want to support you but can’t always be objective. As your coach, I’m not going to judge you and can remain impartial whilst still providing support.

You might be able to address some of your challenges on your own but we each have our blind spots; things we just can’t see. An experienced coach has the skills to help you look at your situation from a different perspective and hold up a mirror as to what’s going on. It’s likely that you have reached the ceiling of where you can get to under your own steam and could benefit from a coach to help you reach the next level.


“I would definitely recommend to anyone who feels stuck in a negative spiral or a career/life rut and needs someone to help them work out what would improve their situation and help them to establish goals and plan small steps to get themselves on the way to achieving something new.” (John F)

Coaching Programs

There are 2 coaching packages available; don’t worry if you’re not sure which one is the best for you as we can discuss this on your free Discovery Call. The packages provide a framework to guide us but ultimately the agenda is yours and programs are tailored to your needs.

Both packages include DISC Personality profiling, which helps you to understand yourself and others better, improving the quality of your relationships and communication skills. This is done at the start of your coaching journey and you will receive a report with your results. 


Where you are is not where you want to be! You have an idea of which way you want to head but need some guidance to help you discover what the destination looks like.

We’ll spend some time identifying your values and priorities so you can confidently set your compass in the direction you want to go and create a route plan to get there.


  • 6 x 1hr sessions
  • DISC profiling
  • Weekly email support & accountability
  • £725
  • Timeframe up to 3 months


You’re not sure where you want to go, but you definitely don’t want to be here where you are now! You want help and support to explore your options and imagine a different picture. You recognise it’s time to grow, develop and create new habits to lead to the life you want.

We’ll spend time identifying your values and priorities as well as ensuring you develop the mindset to tackle the journey along the way.


  • 8 x 1hr sessions
  • Disc profiling
  • Weekly email support & accountability
  • 3 month follow up 1 to 1 review session
  • £977
  • Timeframe up to 5 months

​My story


My legs trembled as I started to climb the 30ft ladder. My knuckles turned white and my heart was pounding like a bass drum. The butterflies in my tummy were more like crazy grasshoppers! Feeling slightly sick, hot and sweaty I continued to slowly gain height.

Clambering on to the top of this wooden pole, that was only as wide as a dinner plate, with nothing to hold on to, my legs were shaking like a leaf. This was not the easiest task to do. The thoughts ‘what am I letting myself in for?! Am I crazy?!’ popped into my head.

I had to take a leap of faith and step off this pole into thin air. I let out a yelp as I fell which then turned into laughter as the rope tightened and took up my weight. The sense of relief was palpable. As my feet touched the ground again I realised that this programme was going to be life changing. This one little leap of faith had pushed my boundaries and shown me that I was capable of far more than I thought. It ignited a sense of possibility.

Over the next 2 years of blood, sweat and tears I built my confidence, developed skills and gained experience of life not just a qualification.

We all lose our way, get frustrated and need a helping hand to get back on track. We all need someone to encourage us; if I hadn’t had encouragement I wouldn’t have jumped off that pole and I wouldn’t have experienced the benefits that that brought me.

I’d signed up to the course because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I was feeling stuck and wanted something to be different.

Staying stuck where you are is far worse than taking new steps in the long run.

I’ll support you, encourage you and challenge you to take the leap of faith you need to take to lead the fulfilling life you want. Don’t worry; I won’t be making you jump off any telegraph poles!

It feels like a lot of money to invest in myself – is it really worth it?

Investing in your own well-being and development pays dividends in the long run and you’ll often notice a difference immediately. Coaching is a powerful experience where you’ll get my undivided time and attention to support you to develop quicker than you would on your own.

How do I know if I need coaching or therapy?

Coaching is about moving forwards, towards something we really want whereas therapy is often about moving away from something we don’t want. During our coaching sessions we remain future focussed and only draw on past experiences when it can help us overcome challenges or obstacles. We do not delve into past traumatic situations or psychological issues.

Won’t my problem just sort itself out?!

It might but how long have you already been waiting and how much longer are you prepared to wait?

“There was stuff I wanted to change but I simply wasn’t making the changes. I was stuck, going around and around like a hamster on a wheel – talking about what I wanted to do but not doing it, for years not months” (GS)

Coaching is an extremely useful process to help raise your awareness, give you clarity and move forwards faster than if you tried to make changes by yourself. There are different types of benefits to be gained:

  • Accomplishment of specific goals.
  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Increased confidence and self-belief.
  • Learning techniques to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Changing perspective and discovering more choices about how to engage with the world
  • Opening up new options.

“Rebecca was professional and on point. As a professional myself, that was exactly the reassurance I needed before trusting someone with my internal dilemmas. With Rebecca I learned the vocabulary I needed and the self confidence to change. I am now a completely different person. I live in the city that I love (I was previously commuting with a ridiculous work life balance) and now I am building a business that draws on my strengths and what I love doing most. In short, Rebecca, thank you ever so much. I could not have done what I have done without your coaching.” (Glenda S)

It may seem like a large investment in yourself, especially if you are not used to putting yourself first! However, coaching will continue to provide a return on investment long after the coaching sessions have ended. Consider how much you’re prepared to pay for a week’s holiday in the sun (or whatever floats your boat!); the experience soon becomes a distant memory whereas coaching will provide ongoing benefits.

You can access expert coaching for between £3.33 and £5.55 per day, which is about equal to your daily gas bill!

You are welcome to pay by instalments at no extra cost.

If money is still an issue then you are welcome to join Starter For 10 in January at just £10!


I offer a free Discovery Call to discuss if and how we can work together and which package would be most beneficial to you.

If I don’t think I’m the right coach for you or that coaching is not appropriate for your circumstances I will tell you and provide alternative suggestions.

My aim is to ensure you get the most impact out of our time together and achieve the results you desire.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This couldn’t possibly work for everyone. And you’d be right. Because it won’t work for Negative Nelly or Mardy Mark who blames everyone and everything (apart from themselves) for their situation. Saying ‘if only…’ or ‘when things get better…’

But if you are prepared to take action, ditch the overwhelm and climb out of the SWAMP then, yes, this can work for you!


“I will be forever grateful for the journey she [Rebecca] set me on.  My husband and all my friends say I look healthier, happier and more fulfilled. My happiness quotient is permanently above 8 and sometimes explodes above 10!  I am mindful, gentler on myself and others, and take great pleasure in little things. Thank you Rebecca” (Judith B)


FREE discovery call

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