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  • Fulfilment and satisfaction
  • Resilience
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  • Gratitude for things you already have while working towards the things you want

Walk this way to the life you desire…

Coaching is a powerful process that helps you get from A-Z while equipping you with the tools and mindset to enable you to make lasting changes.

Life dispenses many an interesting twist and turn; some enjoyable and some more challenging. We all go through periods of change and transition throughout our life; in fact the only thing guaranteed in life is change! Sometimes change can be scary but it can also be a catalyst for improving things and switching direction. Without the right mindset and personal skills these circumstances can lead us to feel overwhelmed or burned out. My intention is to empower you to look after your well-being so you can tackle whatever life brings your way with faith and confidence.

You may wish to have 1 to 1 support or maybe you enjoy the camaraderie of a group. Perhaps, like me, you welcome the opportunity to get out of your normal environment and appreciate the power of the natural world.

Walking and the great outdoors is a fantastic backdrop for inspiration, unlocking creativity and opening up opportunities. It literally bestows time, space and a different perspective to work through your ideas and challenges.

Whatever your preference allow me to be your guide on your personal journey of discovery


Ways we can work together

1 to 1 coaching

1 to 1 Coaching

A powerful way to identify where you are, where you want to be and how to get there

Rebecca coaching outdoors

Clarity in Motion

Walking in nature provides the perfect environment for clear thinking

Mindful watercolour session


Refresh and reinvigorate with JOY day retreat


An interactive way of improving your well-being and learning mindset skills

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Because I’m worth it!

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I always felt that you were sensitive to my needs, saw that I needed to take things slowly (even when I didn’t) and set me realistic and useful targets I could achieve. Importantly you also convinced me that there was no rush to recover from my husband’s death.

 I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone struggling to work out the how, what and where in life. Gentle, positive persuasion helped me enormously. Time is a great healer but so is coaching!