Walking makes your spirit soar

Wonder Walks

Wonder what my Wonder Walks are like? Listen to this piece from BBC Radio Sheffield when the lovely journalist Jenny Ells joined me in March 2018…

Calming, sense of freedom, feeling alive, joy, invigorating – just some of the words used to describe walking in nature. Walking has so many facets – it improves both physical and mental health; provides joy, inspiration, perspective and can increase the feeling of connectedness with the world around us.

With so many reasons to go for a walk, why wouldn’t you?!

Walking and being outdoors has played a hugely influencing role in my life. I’ve been lost, found myself, developed skills, increased my resilience, built relationships and fallen in love – all in the great outdoors.

Walking is an activity in itself but it also pulls together many other things, as alluded to above. It’s like a petri dish providing all the right ingredients for magic to happen.

When we walk on a regular basis we are able to observe the changing seasons, notice differences in our community and put things in perspective. We learn that nature keeps evolving and growing and we can too if we keep going.  Walking has long been part of my self-care programme, a way to recharge my batteries, release tension and stress. During the lockdown of 2020 I believe many more people have come to realise the restorative effect of the outdoors and nature.  

Walking is accessible to all ability levels and all you really need is a comfortable pair of shoes. 

Leave your stresses and digital world at home and enjoy a walk in beautiful surroundings, savour the peace and tranquillity, spot wildlife and meet new people. These walks enhance well-being through being active, connecting, taking notice and being mindful.

The walks range in length and duration (normally no more than 2.5 hours) but always focus on well-being so you leave feeling refreshed and calm. Sometimes they might be out in the country, sometimes they are more urban, but all are chosen for their aspects of greenery or interest.

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Very good to take ‘time out’ from the busy day and not think about anything work related – Helen

Taking time out to notice things and be quiet. Learning techniques of mindfulness – fantastic, thank you – Becky

Enjoyed the peace and quiet of the surroundings. Thank you for a lovely walk – Georgina

A grand day out with Rebecca and friends on her Wonder Walk, Shirebrook Valley. Time to enjoy nature and reflect on questions going through your mind – Jon