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JOY: Journey of You

As busy professionals or carers for others it can be easy to become over givers; always putting everyone and everything above your own priorities. This sort of behaviour over the long term is sure to lead to stress, burnout or resentment (or all of them!). You start snapping at your nearest and dearest; you constantly feel drained and lethargic or on edge.

Perhaps you feel guilty spending money on yourself and time away from family. However, recall the airplane safety briefing – put your own oxygen mask on before helping others! When you are at your best and looking after yourself, you can handle other situations more easily. You feel calmer, more confident and have more energy to deal with everyday stresses.

JOY day retreats are your oxygen mask. They provide opportunities to:

  • Connect to your inner child – explore your playful side through creative activities such as abstract watercolour painting and drawing (no need to be ‘arty’). This is great for stress relief.
  • Discover what well-being means to you and what’s important. Learn tips and techniques that you can implement straight away, year round.
  • Rejuvenate. Fill your inner well with joy, build your resilience, blow away the cobwebs with a mindful walk, eat nourishing, delicious home cooked food and develop friendships with like-minded others.


The format of each event is the same (creative activities and mindful walking) but the theme for each one is different so you can come along to all of them and still get something new each time. It’s a great way to ensure you check in with your well-being at regular points during the year.

  • JOY in Winter : Rest & Renewal
  • JOY in Spring : Growth
  • JOY in Summer : Confidence
  • JOY in Autum : Abundance

Why you don’t want to miss out…

  • Identify what self-care is for you and how to ensure it stays at the top of your priorities
  • Review and reflect on where you are now and where you want to be so you know which way to head
  • Increase self-discovery and awareness to understand what’s really important to you
  • Learn tools to help build your resilience
  • Connect with yourself, other wonderful women and the landscape
  • Gain clarity so you know how to spend your time on things that energise you
  • Relax and rejuvenate while being nourished mind, body and soul
  • Share delicious homecooked food, mindful walking and playful watercolour practices; aiding both your physical and mental well-being
  • Reinstate good habits with regular check in’s through the year
  • Support, friendship and fun
  • Reignite your enthusiasm for life

The magic combination…

The Location

JOY Day Retreat is set in the picturesque Peak District village of Litton. As soon you arrive it feels like the pace of life slows down. Surrounded by green fields, rolling hills and generally just gorgeous countryside. It’s the perfect place to take some time out!


Litton view
Warm welcome

The Food

Food is a really important and pleasurable part of JOY. Sharing food with others is a nourishing experience in the fullest sense.

Enjoy homecooked, delicious vegan, gluten free dishes prepared by Joanne Bibby of Live Life Well.

Sharing platter
Chocolate brownie

What’s included

  • Creative art based activities
  • Mindful walking
  • Reflective activities
  • Inspiring worksheets
  • Delicious homecooked food
  • All materials, resources and tuition
  • Fascinating conversations
Jo painting
Group painting

Booking information

JOY: Journey of You


Each event is held at Litton Village Hall, 10am – 4pm

  • JOY in Winter: Sunday 4th February (early bird closes Friday 22nd December)
  • JOY in Spring: Sunday 28th April (early bird closes Friday 22nd March)
  • JOY in Summer: Sunday 28th July (early bird closes Friday 14th June)
  • JOY in Autumn: Sunday 20th October (early bird closes Friday 6th Sept)

Early Bird rate: £79. Standard £99

Includes: All art materials and tuition, delicious lunch created by @Joanne Bibby from Live Life Well, worksheets, guided mindful walk and a little goody bag

How do I book?

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What’s included?

Glenda Rebecca
  • Coaching activities, guided conversation and wellbeing walk with Sense of Direction life coach, Rebecca Norton.
    Find out more about Rebecca.

  • Art materials and playful creative / watercolour painting sessions with artist and Health & Wellbeing Coach Femke Williams, from Rosewood Wellbeing. Find out more about Femke.

  • Delicious vegetarian lunch prepared by Joanne Bibby of Live Life Well


    Meet your hosts…

    Femke Williams

    Find out more about Femke

    Rebecca Norton

    Find out more about Rebecca.

    Thanks for facilitating such a relaxing, yet thought provoking break. Here’s to starting my new chapter


    Business owner

     The best thing about this workshop was having space to think about what’s important to me. Rebecca’s quiet calm and positivity makes anything seem possible