Available to Coaching Clients only:

Monthly Mastery Meet-ups


Following feedback from a couple of clients and my own reflections I realised there was something missing from my coaching programs:

More accountability.

Life gets busy sometimes and other things take priority which means you can end up putting your own aspirations to the bottom of the pile. The problem with this is that they rarely work their way back to the top of the list. When we’re actively working together it’s much easier to monitor progress and stay focussed. If you’re anything like me, knowing I have someone to check in with about how I’m getting on helps to keep me on track.

It’s also good to know that someone has your back and is there give you a supportive nudge, especially when things get tough.

And personal growth is tough at times. It can be mentally and emotionally challenging, pushing comfort zones and making us take a look at things that perhaps we’d rather not see.

However, as you know, doing the inner work is great for the long game and worth the effort.

So, as a previous client I’d like to offer you the opportunity to join Monthly Mastery Meetups.

These are live 1 hour, online group meetings, once a month where we’ll celebrate your wins and successes, plan your focus for the forthcoming month and share some tips on different topics. The aim is to provide accountability, encouragement and continued opportunity for personal growth.

I’m offering these at an introductory rate of just £15 per month and you can cancel any time. These Monthly Mastery Meetups are only available for people who have worked with me in a coaching capacity.

They will generally be the last Wednesday of the month, starting on Wednesday 27th September, 6pm – 7pm.

I look forward to seeing you there!