I’ve been going to Zumba on and off for about a year now and as I was busy enjoying the session this morning, I realised that I’d learned a number of things about life in general from that class.

Just keep moving

When I was learning new moves, especially at the beginning I found it difficult to follow some of the sequences. I recognised that as long as I kept moving  I would still get the benefit of physical activity. It reminds me of the Buddhist saying of ‘Be not afraid of moving slowly but of standing still’. Progress requires forward movement and action.

Don’t’ try to do everything

This is especially true when you are learning something complicated. I have to admit that I find moving my feet and arms at the same time in the right way quite difficult. I have learned that if I break the movement down and just concentrate on my feet to start with and get the hang of that then I can add the arm movement later. It’s the same with my business – if I can just grasp one thing to start with I can gradually build up without losing momentum.

Music and moving = happiness

Some mornings I might turn up not feeling particularly energised but as soon as the music goes on and I start jigging around I can’t help but feel happier. If I need a bit of a boost when I’m working I put on some music and start dancing round the house. This is what’s known as ‘changing state’ and is very effective for getting us unstuck.

Do your best

If I’m not quite getting a move I ask myself if I’m trying my best – do I just need to speed up?  If I am giving it my all and I still can’t do it then I look round the class and notice how others are doing. I’m certainly not the best but usually I’m not the worst either. Sometimes I just have to accept that I’m average and that’s OK.

See the funny side

I find myself smiling or laughing when I make a mistake (which can be quite often some mornings!). Just because I haven’t got it right doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. When we look at the funny side of situations it helps us to lighten up and hopefully see the bigger picture – it can be helpful to ask ‘what can I learn from this experience?’

I’ll keep going to Zumba and having fun – I know there will be days when I get all mixed up but I’ll get better at it overall. The more we practice something the easier it becomes. Life is full of learning experiences if we just know how to look for them.