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Why would I want a Life Coach?

People come to Life Coaching for many reasons, often when going through a period of transition or change of circumstance.

This could include:

  • wanting to create more harmony in your life
  • going through divorce or separation and wanting to deal with the experience in a productive manner or re-evaluating what you want in life
  • wanting to improve your health and fitness or lose weight
  • thinking of changing career
  • wanting to be better at your current role or go for promotion
  • coming up to or starting retirement
  • feeling like you are stuck in a rut
  • simply wanting to improve your circumstances
How can Life Coaching help?

As your Life Coach I will provide a sounding board and listen to all your ideas, concerns and things  you don’t say!  Providing you with a non-judgemental, objective and safe space can help you to clarify what you really want and what things might be holding you back. We then work together on ways to help you achieve what it is you want. Coaching provides a structure to encourage you to look at things from a different perspective and think deeply. You will learn ways to take back control of your life and find your own sense of direction and purpose again.

How long are the sessions?

1 to 1 coaching sessions are 1 or 2 hours depending on package.  Walks are between 2 to 3 hours and workshops vary.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on what you want to be coached on and your needs. I generally recommend working together for about 6 months to really compound the benefits but this can be tailored to your needs. Change is a process not an event!

It’s quite a personal subject that I want to talk about – will you tell anyone?

The 1 to 1 coaching sessions are confidential. I may take notes during our session but these are to help me understand you better. The only time I would have to tell someone else is if I thought you were a danger to yourself or someone else. The coaching session provides a supportive, non-judgmental space.

What programmes are available to me?

From A to B:

You have a clear idea of where you are and where you want to go. You just need some support, accountability and a trusted person to bounce your ideas around with to create your own route plan and strategy.

  • 6 x 1hr sessions
  • Email support
  • £500
  • Timeframe 2 – 3 months


Where you are is not where you want to be! You have an idea of which way you want to head but need some guidance to help you discover what the destination looks like.

We’ll spend some time identifying your values and priorities so you can confidently set your compass in the direction you want to go and create a route plan to get there.

  • 8 x 1hr sessions
  • DISC profiling
  • 1 x Clarity in Motion coaching & problem solving walk
  • Email support
  • £750
  • Timeframe 4 – 6 months


You’re not sure where you want to go, but you definitely don’t want to be here where you are now! You want help and support to explore your options and imagine a different picture. You recognise it’s time to grow, develop and create new habits to lead to the life you want.

We’ll spend time identifying your values and priorities as well as ensuring you develop the mindset to tackle the journey along the way.

  • 10 x 1hr sessions
  • Disc profiling
  • 1 x Clarity in Motion coaching & problem solving walk
  • Email support
  • 3 month review post coaching program
  • £900
  • Timeframe 6 – 9 months

Payment methods: Bank transfer or PayPal in advance (payment by instalments can be arranged)

How do I book?

Coaching: You can get in touch here or give me a call on 07812 901366 to arrange your free 30 minute consultation.

Workshops: Follow the instructions on the individual workshop details.

What do you do with my data?

I take your privacy seriously. I do not share your details with anyone (subject to the above confidentiality). I have to store my notes about coaching clients for a period of 5 years in line with my insurance policy then after that time they are destroyed securely. I will contact you via the details you provide with regards to any services you sign up for. You will be added to my mailing list to receive newsletters and updates – you can unsubscribe from this at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link within the mailing or by emailing me.

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