Do you remember the advert with this cringe-worthy strapline? Well, I’ve come to think differently about this now. Yes, it does seem a little over the top for personal hygiene products but actually it’s a good point. Why wouldn’t I want to invest in myself? Am I saying that I’m not worth it?

When I talk about investing in our self, there are many ways to do this. It could include time, money or energy. Let’s take each one in turn and dig a little deeper.


Investing time to pursue hobbies, study, spend time with friends. It’s also about putting time aside for ‘me time’. This could be the aforementioned activities or it could be things like a pampering bath, massage, walking, reading; anything that nourishes us as a human being. Giving ourselves permission to take time out and do the things we want. Making time to cook and eat healthy meals and undertake exercise / physical activity to ensure our physical health is vitally important too.


As someone who is a natural ‘saver’ I can find it difficult to spend money on myself, especially if it seems a little frivolous. However, I’ve worked on this mindset over the last few years and now recognise the benefit of investing in myself financially. For me this has included paying to undertake courses and qualifications, working with coaches to improve particular skills and buying resources. I recognise the value that others can have in helping me develop and grow.

Over the last 18 months or so I’ve invested more in my well-being too; booking myself in for massages and buying excellent quality skin care products. I realised I only have one body and I need to take good care of it. Some of these things are also my reward to myself for working hard and achieving certain milestones.


This can often be a combination of investing time and money. Simply paying for a course isn’t going to guarantee me a successful outcome – I have to commit my energy to it by putting aside time and being enthusiastic about it. For me, energy involves committing mentally to a project not just investing my time.

So as well as investing time, money and energy how else do we demonstrate to ourselves, and others, that we are indeed worth it?

Believing in our self is important to our development. When we believe and trust ourselves we are willing to be brave and have a go at things, whether small or large. Self-belief gives us the confidence to try new things, apply for that job, start that course or go on our travels.

When we believe that we are ‘worth it’ we set good boundaries too; with our colleagues, friends and loved ones. We are clear about what is and isn’t acceptable and we know when to walk away and when to lean in. We surround ourselves with positive, encouraging and uplifting people who know how to support and challenge us appropriately. When we behave in such an empowering manner it gives other people permission to do the same.

We have clear boundaries with our time and work too. We’re unlikely to stick in a job where we feel undervalued, overworked and don’t enjoy it. We know we have more to give and that other people / companies will value us more.

So when you work with me as your coach, you’re not just paying for my time, you are paying for my expertise, the time I’ve invested in myself and the energy I’m committing to you. I charge my worth because I know my value.

If you know you’re worth it (or would like to develop this mindset!) book a consultation today and let’s discuss where your journey will take you.