Wow! December already… another year gone by; another year approaching.

2020 hasn’t been quite the year I envisioned and I imagine a lot of other people would say the same. There have been ups and downs. Reflection. Learning. Disappointment. Simple pleasures.

On first look 2020 may have seemed like an unsuccessful year but dig a little deeper and I feel I have come a fair way since December 2019. If I write down all the things I’ve done this year it’s actually not so bad. I entertained family and friends with an online weekly then monthly quiz. I’ve learned how to use Teams video calling and I’ve got a more intimate knowledge of Zoom. Although my 40th birthday wasn’t how I planned it wasn’t a washout. I’ve connected with new people and deepened connections with existing friends. I’ve explored my local area and discovered new walks further afield. I’ve worked with some fabulous clients. Glenda Strong and I delivered a wonderful weekend retreat for women. I’ve visited the coast on several occasions and been body boarding twice. I’ve not spent so much on fuel. I’ve painted my kitchen and hallway.

Some of these of these things may seem small to others but they weren’t insignificant to me. Often the small wins and successes are the most rewarding. I highly recommend having a go at this exercise yourself – write down all the things you’ve accomplished in the last months.

Notice how many of those things were personal /non-work related. Success comes in many forms and is very individual. We don’t have to conform to other people’s view of success to feel successful ourselves. What does success mean to you?

Although I’m relatively happy with my progress this year, I do want to do more and I don’t want to be where I am now in December 2021. So how do we make next year better?

4 key steps to making 2021 better

  1. Decide what you want (and why)
  2. Set the intention to make it happen
  3. Create a plan of action
  4. Complete the actions!

Let’s take each of those steps in turn.

  1. Decide what you want

Be clear about what you want to accomplish. Define what success means to you – what does it look, feel and sound like? This will help you further down the line. It’s also important to think about why you want whatever it is – what’s the benefit to you and others? Is it a means to an end or is it about the process? Having a strong ‘why’ will keep you going if / when things get tough.

  1. Set the intention to make it happen

Having an idea in your head is all well and good but it won’t necessarily get you where you need to be unless you put it out there in the world. Write it down as a goal or vision statement and put it somewhere prominent where you’ll see it daily. Keep revisiting it and remind yourself why this is important to you. Share it with family or appropriate others so they can help to remind you too.

  1. Create a plan of action

Sometimes big targets can feel overwhelming or scary. That’s OK and perfectly normal. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it or should give up! Break down your goal into more manageable steps and just tackle one step at a time. Add a time frame to each step – when are you going to do it? Consider how you will complete each action – do you need any resources or help from others?

  1. Complete the actions

Now it’s time to get to work and just get on with it. Look at your plan and focus on one step at a time. Schedule the tasks and make them fun if you find it difficult to get started. Remind yourself why you are doing this again – this will help to keep you motivated. Record your progress and celebrate achievement.

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